Structure for contents in a content context.

The <Body> is a content component, like the <Header> and <Footer> and is used to help structure the contents of components such as a <Card> or <Dialog>.

It behaves similar to its related components <Header> and <Footer>. So the component has no properties, but that is not its task. It should wrap other components and structure its contents for a better code base.

You can set variant and size props to style your <Body> element.



To import the component you just have to use this code below.

import { Body } from '@marigold/components';


variant-The available variants of this component.
size-The available sizes of this component.


Sorry! There are currently no props available.


Body used in context

In this example you can see a <Body> element within a <Card>. This is a context in which the <Body> should be used.

A really good header!

In this body fits really great content.

And awesome footer!