Component to center its children horizontally.

The <Center> is a layout component that centers its children horizontally. You can use it to center a single child or a list of children. The <Center> component has also the property maxWidth.

The <Center> component can also be a child from the <Stack> or <Inline> component.



To import the component you just have to use this code below.

import { Center } from '@marigold/components';


spaceResponsiveStyleValue<string>noneThe space between the children
maxWidthstring-The maximum width of the container.


Center element with maximum width

To center an element you must give the element a maxWidth prop.

Center more than one element with space

To add spaces between each child you can use the prop space.

Center inside Text Block

If you want to center something like a <Button> you must only wrap your component with a <Center> component.

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