Component to inline elements with spaces.

The <Inline> is a responsive layout component. It's inlining element with space between each element. This component uses the spaces from the given theme or a responsive string.



To import the component you just have to use this code below.

import { Inline } from '@marigold/components';


spaceResponsiveStyleValue<string>noneSpace between the Inline elements.
alignY`top, center, bottom` centerVertical alignment of the items inside the inline element.
alignX`left, center, right` leftHorizontal alignment of the items inside the inline element.


More than two elements

If you have more than two elements you can use the <Inline> component. The elements are arranged according to the space required.





The <Inline> component can be used to add spacing between elements. For this you need the props space and you can then place all components inside the <Inline> element.

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Nested Inline

<Inline> components can also have themselves as component. This can be used to add more spacing within the elements.

Block #1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Bock #2

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Different alignment

If elements need to be positioned differently on their x and y axis, this can be done with the <Inline> component. In this case one of the following props is given. Either alignX or alignY.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


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