Learn about the goals of Marigold and how it aims to help building user interfaces.

Marigold is a React implementation of Reservix' design language. It aims to provides a robust and modular foundation for building digital products that are accessible and adaptive across screen sizes while delivering a consistent, delightful experience for all users.

  • Building Blocks: As a foundation for digital product development, Marigold offers a set of reusable components and guidance for teams to efficiently build high-quality and accessible user interfaces.
  • Cross-brand Theming: Marigold comes with a set of ready-to-use themes for common use cases. However, it also provides a simple way to kickoff a new theme or customize a existing one. You can change colors, fonts, breakpoints and everything else you need.
  • Accessibility: Marigold focuses heavily on enabling our products to deliver delightful experiences to all users, regardless of visual, hearing, motor or cognitive disabilities.
  • Guidelines: While the styles and components can be assembled together in a variety of ways for different situations, the guidelines and standards of Marigold ensure cohesive experiences between products.

If you want to dig deeper and learn how these capabilities are implemented, head over to the concepts behind Marigold.

What makes Marigold different?

The goal of Marigold is to build an easy and compelling to use platform, regardless if you are a developer, designer or sales person.

As much as possible, we want the written code to make sense to non-developers. This is why we are focused on the simplicity and composability of Marigold's API. We want to allow our teams to spend less time polishing mock ups and more time polishing the product.

Marigold is maintained by a core team of designers and developers that are dedicated to developing and supporting an ever growing and evolving system that can only thrive with feedback from our teams and customers.


If you work at Reservix and have a design related or technical question, you can head over to our dedicated slack channel. We try to respond to everyone as quickly as we can and we're always happy to help.