Hook that returns values based on screen sizes.

The useResponsiveValue is a client side hook. It can be used to return values based on the current screen size, using breakpoints from the theme theme.screens.

To add breakpoints to your theme you have to write them as an array. You can pass the following parameters to your useResponsiveValue hook:

The first parameter of the hook will be the values as array which defines the breakpoints. The second argument must be the defaultIndex which points opn the default value.

If you want to have a look on all possible breakpoints from the theme you can have a look here.

Also with Tailwind some new class names came along which you can use to add styles by using the responsive modifiers (like: sm:text-sm).



To import the hook you just have to use this code below.

import { useResponsiveValue } from '@marigold/system';


With the use of Tailwind CSS, some classes came along with which makes it easy to use different styles on different screen sizes. Here you can see a combination of the useResponsiveValue hook and the Tailwind screen sizes.

For example if you want to change background-color for different screen sizes you have to use this code below. You can see that according to the screen size the text value will change. You can try out yourself and resize the screen.



We also have a function that checks if the window is on a small screen size. This can be used if you just want to change something just on small screen size.

The example code shows that when it is a small screen the display css value will change.

import { useSmallScreen } from '@marigold/system'; const isSmallScreen = useSmallScreen(); ... <div className={cn(isSmallScreen ? 'hidden' : 'block')}>random div</div>